A blog for those interested in making your money work for you though property investments.

Welcome to The Geared Investor, a property investment blog for those seeking advice, tips and information on the property investment industry in South Australia.

My name is Jo and I’ve been in the financial and property investment for 15 years. I’ve studied the market, got the accreditation, read the books/blogs, attended the seminars, failed, learned from my experiences and succeeded many times. Now it’s my time to share my knowledge from the ground up by posting about the little questions that people ask. Where do I start to look for investment opportunities? How to I run an investment property? Who do I need to involve in my investment? And so much more.

I will also be recommending local businesses that I have worked with or have been recommended to me to help you make the best decisions in property investments.

Get ready to get geared up with all the knowledge you need to get ahead of the property investment game!

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